Verify transaction

Verify a transaction for updated payment status

After you customer makes a payment to the address generated for a transaction, it is recommended that the transaction is verified for its status. Typically, your transaction MUST be verified within 5 minutes from the moment it was initiated.

You can verify a transaction using its reference.


Path Parameters




A valid transaction reference

    "success": true,
    "message": "Verification successful",
    "data": {
        "uuid": "26ed04f0-d059-4782-a155-bf3b788e2f95",
        "reference": "y7TkSOd7WD3V7YjrMDAq3d5BcgtoEQW1",
        "cryptoTransactionHash": null,
        "expectedAmountInCrypto": 0.2684,
        "expectedAmountInUSD": 0.2685,
        "expectedAmountInBaseFiat": 200,
        "expectedAmountInBusinessPrimaryFiat": 200,
        "receivedAmountInCrypto": 0,
        "receivedAmountInUSD": 0,
        "receivedAmountInBaseFiat": 0,
        "receivedAmountInBusinessPrimaryFiat": 0,
        "excessAmountReceivedInCrypto": 0,
        "feeInCrypto": 0.0027,
        "expectedAmountInCryptoPlusFee": 0.2711,
        "crypto": "USDT",
        "baseFiat": "NGN",
        "businessPrimaryFiat": "NGN",
        "baseFiatToUSDRate": 745,
        "baseFiatToBusinessPrimaryFiatRate": 1,
        "usdToCryptoRate": 1.000203496704627,
        "address": "4Uv8ye8qy2DHJFmttcSeyqC8xCHq396JDTB7SKpYGFUw",
        "metadata": null,
        "environment": "TEST",
        "origin": "THIRD_PARTY",
        "businessId": "e9fb6beb-31d6-45c1-ba7d-18c6d7a02db9",
        "userId": "65b4f436-881a-4915-8fd5-42d71d57d49d",
        "customerId": "db51466e-4734-43cd-8c1b-9d3b05e0c407",
        "expiresAt": "2023-04-19T06:09:53.960Z",
        "completedAt": "2023-04-19T06:04:35.972Z",
        "status": "expired",
        "failureReason": null,
        "createdAtDateOnly": "2023-04-19",
        "createdAt": "2023-04-19T06:04:35.960Z",
        "customer": {
            "uuid": "db51466e-4734-43cd-8c1b-9d3b05e0c407",
            "refCode": "KMRrEHkpDs",
            "firstName": null,
            "lastName": null,
            "email": "",
            "phoneNumber": null,
            "totalSpendInUSD": 0,
            "businessId": "e9fb6beb-31d6-45c1-ba7d-18c6d7a02db9",
            "userId": "65b4f436-881a-4915-8fd5-42d71d57d49d",
            "context": "TEST",
            "createdAtDateOnly": "2023-04-19",
            "createdAt": "2023-04-19T06:04:34.982Z"

In the above response, the client is expected to pay the cryptocurrency (USDC in our example response) of an amount equal to expectedAmountInCrypto field. Initiating a transaction is only the first step. After payment is made, the payer is expected to pay the value of the expectedAmountInCrypto field, and verify payment.

Ensure to verify the status of transaction using the Transaction Verification endpoint before you give value to your customers.

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