Payout Request

Payout Request is how you can withdraw your funds from your managed IvoryPay wallets.

The IvoryPay Payout Request API allows you to create and cancel On-Chain and Off-Chain payout request. An On-Chain payout request is simply a withdrawal you make to an external wallet address. Off-Chain payout requests, on the other hand, are withdrawals you make to a local bank account.

A payout request can be in the following states:

  • PENDING (Default): Your request has just been created and can be cancelled by you.

  • PROCESSING: Your request is now being processed and may no longer be cancelled.

  • FULFILLED: Your request is has been fulfilled and payout has been made to you.

  • DECLINED: You request could not be fulfilled and payout could not be made to you.

  • CANCELLED: Your request was cancelled by you before being processed.

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